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Admission Policies

            The Covington Ladies Home is a non-profit licensed Personal Care Home for women age 65 and older.  We strive to provide the highest level of care to all of our residents. We do not discriminate in our services regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap or source of payment. The Covington Ladies Home follows State regulations established for personal care facilities.

            The Covington Ladies Home offers care and limited supervision for those individuals who are no longer capable of independent living but do not require full nursing service.  Care is provided in a furnished private room but residents are encouraged to bring their own personal furnishings if desired.  The monthly rate includes: 24 hour supervision, meals in the dining room, snacks, basic laundry service (dry cleaning, special care items, and extra large items excluded), weekly housecleaning service, weekly change of bed linens, assistance with bathing, supervision and administration of medication, regular nursing assessments and a full activities program.  Personal Care residents at Covington Ladies Home must be able to walk to the dining room with only minimal staff guidance (a cane or a walker are just fine), be generally able to perform most activities of daily living and to care for their room and belongings.  Ladies may not be incontinent.

            The current monthly rate is $2400.00.  Short-term respite care is available at $145.00 per day.   Financial assistance is available for individuals with limited resources through the Commonwealth of Kentucky (State Supplement).  The Home also offers sliding scale rent based on income.  Rent is calculated on a per day rate for those moving in after the first of a month.  There is no reimbursement of rent for those moving out before the end of the month unless required by law or unless pre-arranged with CLH.  A room is considered rented until all personal items, including furniture, are removed from the room.  We do not accept “donations” of used goods.

            Residents may bring a television, radio, clock, pictures and other personal items, including their own furniture.  No wicker of any kind is permitted.  Safety concerns dictate that we do not permit residents to have electrical appliances, such as electric blankets, heating pads, curling irons, hot rollers, or any other appliance that creates heat.  At the Home’s sole discretion, ladies may utilize a personal sized refrigerator.  The resident or a family member may arrange for telephone and newspaper service.  All residents are encouraged to participate in activities offered at the Covington Ladies Home.  Medications, physician and podiatry services, most medical supplies, telephone service, newspaper delivery, dry cleaning services, and beautician services are not included in the daily rate and are billed by the provider.   Ladies may not keep a personal vehicle at the Home.

 The Covington Ladies Home is a 100% smoke free facility

We do not admit Ladies who smoke.  All visitors must refrain from smoking while on Covington Ladies Home property.

             A preadmission interview is required to determine eligibility for residency at Covington Ladies Home.  Based upon room availability and the applicant’s healthcare needs, accommodations may be offered.   An available room may be reserved by paying a deposit of $700.00.  An applicant will forfeit $400 of the deposit if applicant fails to enter the facility within 15 days of being advised that a room is available.  After that time a new deposit will be collected if the applicant is interested in securing a room.

            An applicant must have a complete physical examination within 14 days prior to admission to the Home.  

           To facilitate and insure prompt and efficient care, the fulfillment of the resident's financial and legal obligations, and the proper handling of properties if and when the resident becomes physically or mentally incapable of performing these tasks, the Covington Ladies Home requires that all residents appoint a Power of Attorney prior to admission. The prospective resident may use the form provided by the facility, which may be notarized by a Notary Public.  If a Power of Attorney form has already been legally executed, a copy must be provided to the facility.  While not required, residents have the option to execute advance directives such as a living will and appointment of a health care surrogate.  Forms are available from the facility or may be provided by the resident.

 If you have any questions about our facility or admission policies, please feel free to contact us at 859-431-6913.

Important points to remember when thinking about a move to Covington Ladies Home:

1.  We do not accept ladies who require a wheelchair.  Each lady must be able to walk (alone or with a cane or walker) from their room to the dining room and back.  She must be able to walk from her room to the outside curb (there is a ramp in back).  Ladies must also be able to find their way to the bathroom and back.

2.  Each lady must have a physical exam PRIOR TO admission – but no earlierer than 14 days before admission. 

3. Each lady must have a designated Power of Attorney and a copy must be provided to the Home at/prior to admission.

4.  A $700.00 deposit must be paid prior to admission.  The deposit will be held during the lady’s tenancy at the Home and will be refunded less any outstanding monies owed to the Home for rent, other expenses, or repairs or special cleaning due to excessive wear or soiling.  Failure to move in (within 15days) after notification that a room is available will result in forfeiture of $400.00 of deposit.  An exemption from the deposit policy may be permitted – please ask. 

5.  The Home reserves the right to inspect all incoming furniture and personal items.  No wicker may be brought into the Home.  The Home reserves the right to limit the amount of personal property brought to and kept at Covington Ladies Home.  We do not provide extra storage outside of the individual room.

6.  The resident and/or her POA or other responsible person(s) are responsible to ensure that monthly rent is paid.  The Home assumes no responsibility to arrange for State Supplementation Assistance, Long Term Care Insurance or other similar pay sources.  We will, however, assist in such matters as we are able.

7.  Covington Ladies Home does not permit self administration of injectables or other medications.  We do not accept ladies who require daily injections except for a once per day, pre-filled Lantus pen (or similar type).  We cannot provide sliding scale insulin injections.

8.  Covington Ladies Home admits ladies who have various mental health diagnoses, but we are not a mental health facility.  We reserve the right to decline admission based on mental health status.

9.  We are sorry, but Covington Ladies Home is unable to admit ladies who are incontinent of urine or stool. 





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